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Two Nights
by Kathy Reichs

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Fast-moving and tense plot built on a damaged former policewoman, Sunday Night, who reluctantly takes on a case of finding a rich woman’s granddaughter.

Keep Quiet
by Lisa Scottoline

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Excellent!! A father tries to get closer to his son by becoming his "friend." He allows his son, Ryan, to drive his car with a restricted learner's permit and Ryan gets into an accident. Life changes instantly for the Buckman Family and not for the better. Secrets, lies and scandals are all exposed for this family as they are dealing with grief and unbelievable guilt. You'll be very surprised with the ending!!

The Paper Wasp
by Lauren Acampora

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Unwound in first person narrative conversation to a “best” friend who is not there, the novel covers the unusual history of a friendship (since childhood) between the narrator Abby, short - plain, smart, artistic, suicidal - and Elise - beautiful redhead, outgoing, successful actress. Unusual plot, well-written.

The Husband List
by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

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I really enjoyed this book, but I have to admit it is a book for the women of the group! A wealthy family is trying to arrange for their daughter to be wed to an English Aristocrat, Lord Bremerton. But let the truth be told!

Gold In Death
by J. D. Robb In Death Books

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Another absorbing case for Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

First Cut
by Melinek, Judy & Mitchell, T. J.

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Gripping mystery/case told from a medical examiners perspective. She has purposefully relocated from the ME’s office in Los Angeles to San Francisco after a complicated relationship with a cop. She finds through her autopsies connections to other “murders” which leads her into conflicts with her superiors and others. Excellent story and would appeal to Kathy Reichs readers.

I, Claudius
by Robert Graves

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Takes a while to read, but is worth the literary journey. Fictional first-person account of growing up in a ruling Roman family and provides detailed insight into the way of life in those times as well as the political intrigues that affected history.

Olive, Again
by Strout, Elizabeth

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Interesting and captivating novel. Olive is an original character and has no social filter. The novel is structured with perspectives of a number of characters. In particular, the characters dealing with aging and loss resonated.

The Most Fun We Ever Had
by Claire Lombardo

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Readers with multiple siblings will especially appreciate the family dynamics of the 4 sisters featured.

Collateral Damage (Danger Never Sleeps #1)
by Lynnette Eason

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Exciting and suspenseful, with a little romance mixed in. Good plot. I didn’t want to take any breaks from reading. Retired Army psychologist finds herself snagged into an international crime mystery.

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