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The Perfect Couple
by Elin Hilderbrand

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Excellent! A love story about Celeste (from Easton) and her fiancee, Benji. The morning of their wedding, Celeste's Maid of Honor, Merritt, is found dead on the beach in front of Benji's parents' house in an exclusive area of Nantucket. The investigation of her death brings out many lies, hidden affairs and secrets of the characters. Very hard to put down!!!! The author also referenced some Easton landmarks which was entertaining.

First Cut
by Melinek, Judy & Mitchell, T. J.

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Gripping mystery/case told from a medical examiners perspective. She has purposefully relocated from the ME’s office in Los Angeles to San Francisco after a complicated relationship with a cop. She finds through her autopsies connections to other “murders” which leads her into conflicts with her superiors and others. Excellent story and would appeal to Kathy Reichs readers.

What Happens In Paradise
by Elin Hilderbrand

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The second book in a trilogy........ Irene discovers that her deceased husband has been living two lives and has another family in the Virgin Islands. Irene and her family move to the Virgin Islands and move into his home trying to fill-in the blanks. Can't wait for the last book to be published!!!!

The Unquiet
by John Connolly Charlie Parker Books Series

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Absorbing plot that includes the uncomfortable topic of child abuse. Charlie Parker is asked to help a woman who is being stalked and finds himself drawn into a mystery of missing persons including men and children.

The Reapers
by John Connolly Charlie Parker Books Series

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This one focuses on the back story of Louis, a trusted associate and friend of Charlie Parker. Reapers are killers who make their living fulfilling contracts. The reader learns more about the childhood of Louis and the first time he killed someone at age 15, and how he was groomed to become a reaper by a government contact who became a father figure to Louis. There is tension sustained throughout the novel with a reaper named Bliss who wants to kill Louis. The ending is tumultuous.

Collateral Damage (Danger Never Sleeps #1)
by Lynnette Eason

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Exciting and suspenseful, with a little romance mixed in. Good plot. I didn’t want to take any breaks from reading. Retired Army psychologist finds herself snagged into an international crime mystery.

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
by Al Perkins

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The Paper Wasp
by Lauren Acampora

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Unwound in first person narrative conversation to a “best” friend who is not there, the novel covers the unusual history of a friendship (since childhood) between the narrator Abby, short - plain, smart, artistic, suicidal - and Elise - beautiful redhead, outgoing, successful actress. Unusual plot, well-written.

The Lager Queen Of Minnesota
by J. Ryan Stradal

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It is a book about family, strong women, beer, and pie. What's not to like?

Every Dead Thing
by John Connolly Charlie Parker Books Series

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The first book of the Charlie Parker series. For readers new to Connolly, it would be helpful to read this series in order. I read the 3rd one first and became addicted to the series. This novel sets the stage for Charlie Parker’s life stumbling forward after his wife and child were brutally murdered.

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