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Summer of '69
by Elin Hilderbrand

Another great book by Elin Hilderbrand! The book is about an extended family growing up on Nantucket in 1969. The book talks about Blair, the oldest daughter who is expecting twins, but having marriage troubles. Kirby is next, who is a free spirit, yet trying to be independent. Tiger is drafted to VietNam. And Jessie is the youngest, with a different father, and getting through being a teenager with all its drama. Of course, secrets are divulged and growing up can be painful.

The Burning Soul
by John Connolly Charlie Parker Books Series

Yet another complex plot, interesting characters, and wrought with suspense...

Water For Elephants
by Sara Gruen

Excellent! As an elderly man ages, his thoughts go back to his past when he became a veterinarian for a circus. He vividly remembers how he became involved with the circus, as well as living with all the circus members. Not only a love story, but an educational book as well making readers realize how the circus actually survived in the past.

Keep Quiet
by Lisa Scottoline

Excellent!! A father tries to get closer to his son by becoming his "friend." He allows his son, Ryan, to drive his car with a restricted learner's permit and Ryan gets into an accident. Life changes instantly for the Buckman Family and not for the better. Secrets, lies and scandals are all exposed for this family as they are dealing with grief and unbelievable guilt. You'll be very surprised with the ending!!

The Perfect Couple
by Elin Hilderbrand

Excellent! A love story about Celeste (from Easton) and her fiancee, Benji. The morning of their wedding, Celeste's Maid of Honor, Merritt, is found dead on the beach in front of Benji's parents' house in an exclusive area of Nantucket. The investigation of her death brings out many lies, hidden affairs and secrets of the characters. Very hard to put down!!!! The author also referenced some Easton landmarks which was entertaining.

The Escape Artist
by Diane Chamberlain

Excellent! Susanna loses custody of her son to her ex-husband and new girlfriend. So she takes her son and disappears and starts an entire new life in another state. And she does it well and is a great mom! Hard to put down!!!

The Wolf In Winter
by John Connolly Charlie Parker Books Series

Connolly continues to impress with his amazing way of connecting seemingly unconnected sub stories together. Suspenseful, and another in the series that a reader will devour without interruption.

Olive, Again
by Elizabeth Strout

Good book! Olive Kitteridge's interactions with others in her small town is sometimes funny, sad or humbling as she is aging. She impacts others' lives and they impact hers as well. Olive is quite the character!!!!

Dark Horse
by Tami Hoag

Excellent book! Started off a little slow, but then I couldn't put it down. An ex-cop is hired by a young girl to investigate the disappearance of her sister. Great plot and characters!

The Husband List
by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

I really enjoyed this book, but I have to admit it is a book for the women of the group! A wealthy family is trying to arrange for their daughter to be wed to an English Aristocrat, Lord Bremerton. But let the truth be told!
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